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Ama Luna Botanica

Honey Bee Clean Wax Melt | 2.75 oz

Honey Bee Clean Wax Melt | 2.75 oz

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Creamy Honey | Floral | Vanilla Musk

Indulge in the pure, natural sweetness of our "Honey Bee Clean" wax melt, a harmonious blend of creamy honey, delicate florals, and the soothing embrace of vanilla musk. This exquisite creation is a tribute to the tireless honeybee and its gift of pure, golden nectar.
Celebrate the essence of sweetness with the "Honey Bee Clean" wax melt and let its exquisite blend of creamy honey, floral elegance, and vanilla musk transport you to a world where nature's treasures are celebrated and every moment is a sweet, comforting embrace.

24-48 hours per 2 cubes

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