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Ama Luna Botanica

Sunny Orchard Wax Melt | 2.75 oz

Sunny Orchard Wax Melt | 2.75 oz

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Citrus | Cherry | Vanilla

Step into a sun-kissed orchard of pure delight with our "Sunny Orchard" wax melt. This charming creation captures the essence of a bright, cheerful day in an orchard, blending the zesty notes of citrus, the sweet allure of cherry, and the comforting embrace of vanilla to create an irresistible symphony of scents.
With "Sunny Orchard," you're not just lighting a wax melt; you're inviting the radiance of a sunlit orchard into your home, capturing the essence of carefree summer days.

24-48 hours per 2 cubes

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